Explanation of the various levels of editing/retouching.

First, please understand that every professional photographer is unique. We all independently create our own “look” and our own agreements with our clients. Please do not expect any photographer to follow the agreements made up by another photographer. It is your responsibility as a consumer to be sure that you read and understand the agreement in advance, before your wedding day.

One question that sometimes arises is the interpretation of exactly what editing/retouching will be included as part of our agreement. Being that photography is an art form, it is simply not feasible to perfectly explain what is ‘reasonable’ to expect and what is not. To the best of my abilities, I have tried to explain here what my definition of editing is. However, there may be unique cases that need to be addressed in an individual fashion.

Please understand that making 'extreme' changes to an image (radical changes such as completely changing the background, etc.) may cost over $100 per image if I have to send it out to a specialist.  Ask for a quote if you are not certain and please read about Level Three Editing below.

Level One Editing:

This is the level that is included with the choice images (as selected by Chris Sollart Photography) that will appear on your website and on the disc of images that you will be receiving. It includes only adjustment of the color balance and brightness as needed, to within a reasonable range as determined by Chris Sollart Photography. Non-choice images (outtakes) will not receive any editing but will still be available to you 6 months after your wedding date if you want them.  Finished prints smaller than 5x7 will receive this level only.

Level Two Editing:

This level creates gorgeous prints.  

This is the level that is included with any finished print or album image that is purchased from Chris Sollart Photography.

Images that have received this level of editing are available as physical prints only (not as digital files) unless otherwise agreed upon. It is illegal to copy, scan or reproduce any finished print or album image that is purchased from Chris Sollart Photography without permission. Permission may be granted for items purchased from other vendors such as invitations or Save-the-date cards. If there is some specific editing that you want performed, it is your responsibility to let us know. Level Two Editing will be performed at the discretion of Chris Sollart Photography and may include:

• Removing blemishes.

• Combining faces in a group so everyone has their eyes open.

• Opening closed eyes (if a useable photo of the person exists with open eyes).

• Lightening dark circles under eyes.

• Smoothing wrinkles.

• Making sure there is detail in white wedding gowns and flowers.

• Lightening or darkening parts of an image.

• Removing small distracting objects (no larger than about 1% of the total image area).

• Cropping.

• Converting to B&W or sepia.

• Further fine-tuning of color, contrast and brightness.

• Applying various creative filters (please ask for clarification if needed).

Level Three Editing:

This is the "Icing on the cake" that turns a mere photograph into a work of art.

There may be additional fees for this level (usually no more than about $20 per image, but it could be more, depending on the complexity of the editing). Please ask for quote.  Some of the images that you see in our portfolio or on our website have received this level of editing. We do not automatically perform this level unless you inquire.

Level Three Editing may include:

• Removing people or large objects (that take up about 5% or more of the total image area).

• Replacing or altering large areas of an image (that take up about 5% or more of the total image area).

• Selectively leaving a portion of the image in color while converting the rest to black and white.

• Blurring only a portion of the image.

• Combining two or more images to make one composition.

• Creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.

• Changing body proportions.

• Repairing wardrobe malfunctions.

• Removing large reflections (that take up about 5% or more of the total image area).

• Removing eyeglass reflections that cover the iris of the eye.

• Completely changing the background.

There are many other edits that may go under the category of “Level Three” (too many to list) and may incur an additional fee. Virtually anything is possible!  Please ask for clarification if needed. Please do not make any assumptions.