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A message from Chris:

I’ve been a full time professional wedding photographer for over 15 years, so I know that choosing a photographer for your wedding is a big decision.

Remember, unlike other professionals, photographers don’t need to pass a test before they can start charging for their services! The best way to choose the right photographer is to let your eyes be your judge!

If you’d like to learn more about my approach to wedding photography in the El Paso or Las Cruces areas, feel free to look at my past work. Please feel free to read through the questions below or contact me directly at (575) 618-9442 or 

I can’t wait to help make your wedding unforgettable!

The Most Important Questions to Ask Every Photographer You’re Considering...

and Chris's answers:

1. What made you choose wedding photography as your lifelong career and what do you like about it the most?

I've had a  passion for photographing people since I was 12 years old and discovered that weddings provided an excellent opportunity for me to indulge in that passion!  I also love being a documentarian and have always felt great satisfaction capturing images of important events in the lives of my friends and family as well as my clients.  It gives me tremendous joy knowing that my photographs will continue to be enjoyed for many decades to come.  I feel honored that the albums that I produce will become one of the most cherished possessions that my clients own and that they will be passed down through the generations.  Just think about how you feel when you look at your parent's or grandparent's wedding albums and how much your children and grandchildren will enjoy looking at yours!  

2. What should I look for when I’m looking at a photographer’s work?

The most important question to ask yourself is: Does their photography inspire me? I hope that my photography inspires you! That should be your number one reason for considering any photographer! Here are a few other things to look for when looking at a photographer’s website or portfolio or when you meet with them:

• Do their photos look like they should be in a magazine or do they look like ordinary snapshots that anyone could take?

• Do skin tones look natural, or is there an unnatural color cast?

• Does skin look beautiful and healthy or does it look oily? Are there noticeable blemishes or dark circles under people’s eyes?

• Does the color and brightness look consistently good, or are there some photos that look too light, too dark, or the color is off?

• Do the posed photos look natural, or do they look stiff, boring, contrived, or too silly?

• Do the people look attractive and comfortable in their clothes?

• Are the backgrounds of the portraits beautiful?

• Does the photographer rely too heavily on “special effects”? Do these effects appeal to you or would you rather that most of the photos look more natural?

• Does the photographer pressure you to sign the contract before you leave the first meeting?

• Do they keep their prices a ‘secret’ until you’ve sat through a long sales presentation?

• Are they offering you a special deal if you sign right away rather than having time to think about it or interview other photographers? Would they offer you the same price if you wanted to think about it for a week?

3. How can we be sure to have photos that look like the best ones in your portfolio?

The best photos are always a team effort between myself and my clients.  The best photos in my portfolio were created with clients who appreciate quality photography and are willing to dedicate the necessary time and cooperation.  There is also an element of 'luck' that no one can control; such as the weather, time of day, available lighting, and locations (chosen by the couple).  Please contact me if you would like to discuss this in more detail. 

4. How long have you been in business?

Like any profession, the more experience a photographer has the better! I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for over 15 years. I’ve photographed well over 500 weddings . I’ve encountered and dealt with every lighting situation you can imagine; from candle lit ceremonies to blazing bright sun and everything in between.

My years of experience allow me to react quickly and to grab those great shots when other, less experienced photographers might fumble.

5. Are you a full time photographer?

Wedding photography is one of those jobs that someone could do as a hobby or “on the side” since most weddings are on the weekend. However, there’s no doubt that being a full time pro distinguishes a photographer as being truly dedicated. For me, photography is not just a hobby that I make a little extra cash on; it’s what my life is all about.

6. Will you be the one who photographs my wedding, or do you hire other photographers to do it for you?

Some photographers choose to expand their business opportunities by hiring other less experienced photographers to shoot for them. I prefer to photograph every wedding myself.

7. Have you won any awards?

Awards aren’t everything but they do show that a photographer has the skills and talent to impress their peers. I’ve won over 30 first place awards including Best Wedding Album of the Year 5 times. I've also been inducted into The Knot Hall of Fame and received the couples' choice award for photography on WeddingWire.

8. Can you give me more than just a couple of referrals? And, do you have online reviews that I can look at?

Even more important than awards are reviews and referrals from real clients! I currently have over 100 Five Star reviews from satisfied clients on a number of websites, including: The Knot .com Yelp Facebook and Google Reviews.  Please click on any of the following to read those reviews:

The Knot




Google Reviews

9. Is it a good idea to set some time aside to do some “planned” photography?

Most of the time that I am with you, I will be working in the “candid photojournalist mode,” but I believe that the time we set aside to do portraits is like insurance – insurance that you will get fabulous photographs that you love of all the important people involved in your wedding day.

I usually recommend setting aside about 1 to 2 hours for portraits, depending on how many you want and the size of your wedding.

10. How long will it be before I get to see the online gallery of my wedding?

I promise to have them posted within 2 weeks after your wedding. 95% of the time I have them posted within just 4 days. Your private website will be available for viewing on any device indefinitely

11. How many photos do you take?

At a typical size wedding, I usually take 700 to 1500 images. I focus more on quality than quantity while also making sure I capture all the images that are most important to you.

Your primary website with edited images will typically have about 200 to 500 images, depending on the number of people at your wedding and the amount of activity.

12. Will my website images be edited?

Yes. I go through all of your images, pick the best ones, and adjust for the proper color and brightness. These images are the ones that go onto your website and which you will be receiving on a thumbdrive at full resolution and with no watermarks 4 months after your wedding.  At that point, you will have full rights to your images.   

13. Can I view the album design before it gets printed?

Absolutely! After I design your album, you’ll get to view it online and make changes if you like. Once you let me know you’re happy with it, the album gets printed and bound for you. The digital version will remain online indefinitely so that you can show it off to anyone with any device for years to come.  There is no expiration date!  

14. What if we don’t know how much time we need or we want to go to different locations for photos?

No problem! I’m happy to work with you to help estimate how much time you’ll need depending on the size of your wedding and the number of locations.

If you’re curious about a ballpark estimate, I usually recommend starting with 7 hours which is usually enough to cover all of the portraits, the ceremony, and the most important events at the reception.

If you want to go to multiple locations for photos, I recommend hiring a limo so no one has to worry about parking or someone getting lost.

15. Why are your packages based on 7 hours of coverage?

As a result of photographing many hundreds of weddings, I have discovered that 7 hours of coverage is the perfect amount of coverage for about 99% of all weddings.  This covers everything that you would want a professional to capture, from 'getting ready' to the last important event at your reception.  

16. If you are unable to photograph our wedding, will you provide a replacement photographer?

If I were unable to photograph your wedding, I would do the same as any other photographer; I would give you a 100% refund of your deposit.  However; no photographer can honestly guarantee that they will provide you with a replacement.  If they say they will, make sure you get it in writing!  

17.  Do you offer video?

I do not offer video services myself but I know videographers, whom I have worked with, that I will be glad to refer you to.  

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